Geniale Binde-Idee

Aboniert auf Barry Ord Clarces Internetseite "Thefeatherbender", sah ich heute diese geniale Binde-Idee für Deerhairs:

This is another trick for whip finishing large deer hair flies. If you have problems getting in to the hook eye to whip finish, before starting tying cut the end off a rubber washing up glove and make a hole in the finger tip with a dubbing needle. Place the glove finger tip over the bobbin as shown.

Once you have finished your fly the bobbin and finger tip are as shown.

Now for a easy trouble free whip finish just slide the finger tip over the hook and deer hair. Remove the tip after you have whip finished and removed your tying thread.

Möchten Sie die vollständige Bindeanweisung sehen, dann klicken Sie an :